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What is it?

The Meltdown Misfits Klub is our loyalty and rewards program that allows you to get all sorts of special goodies at no charge to you! By joining the Klub, you get:

  • Points! For each dollar you spend (both in store and online), you get a point. Once you get to 100 points, you’ll get a $10 coupon to use on anything in our store. On top of that, we’ll host special events throughout the year where you’ll be able to earn extra points, AND you’ll even get a little something on your birthday. (That’s why we request that information in the form; if you don’t want to put the year, just select any year, we just need the month and date to get you your extra points on your big day!)
  • Rentals! Members of the Meltdown Misfits Klub get exclusive access to the extensive Meltdown Game Library. Either play the games for free in our store or pay a nominal fee and take them home for a week! We’ll even deliver up to THREE games right to your door provided you live within Pocahontas city limits.
  • Access! Klub members get access to both an e-mail newsletter and special Facebook group where you get advance notice of new games, comics, and other goodies we’re getting in before the rest of the general public.
  • Swag! Those who call the Misfits Klub home will get various swag throughout the year, including a membership card, stickers, and other dope giveaways.

Oh, did we mention this is all FREE? A membership to the Meltdown Misfits Klub costs you nothing. Nada. No buckaroos. Just fill out the form on this page and you’ll instantly become a Misfit!

Join the Klub!

    Your e-mail and phone number will be added to our marketing lists. You will be able to unsubscribe from our e-mail newsletter and phone message service at any point replying “STOP” to any e-mail or text you receive.

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