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What the h*ck is a pull list?!

On the Eighth Day, he said “Let there be comics!” and as such, the pull list was born. There’s no definitive proof as to where the idea of a pull list actually started, but leading scientists believe it originated sometime in 10,037 BC when the caveman Krob wanted a better way to keep track of his hieroglyph collection.

More seriously, pull lists are what we call the boxes here at Meltdown Games + Comic where we pull (hey, there’s that word) certain comics each month and save for you, the subscriber.

You tell us which comics you want to subscribe to every month, we’ll make sure we order enough copies of that comic, and we’ll pull one to keep in your box here at the shop until you either pick them up or tell us to ship them.

You’re welcome to add as many titles to your pull list as you want, though we’ll definitely be having a conversation if you go a few months without picking your pull list up.

Sign up

We use a service called League of Comic Geeks to track all of our subscribers. Sign up for an account here, craft your pull list either through the League’s website or it’s super cool mobile app and then sync to the Meltdown Games + Comic store.

After you sync your pull list to our store, one of our Misfits will be in contact with you to complete your sign-up and arrange pickup or shipping details.

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